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I am making a claim from inside Canada and I am from a designated country of origin

Day 1: Your forms and eligibility interview

If you start a claim from inside Canada, you have to visit a Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) office. They will give you a list of forms to complete: You need to find legal help, get started on your Basis of Claim and CIC forms, and translate your travel and identity documents.

Once you are ready, return to the CIC Office with your completed forms and translated identity and travel documents. You will not have a deadline.

If your forms are properly completed, the CIC will set up an eligibility interview. This interview might happen on the same day you submit your forms, or you might be given an appointment.

For more information:

Day 1 to 20: Your documents

Your personal documents will be due 10 days before your hearing. Begin collecting your documents as soon as you start your claim.

Day 30: Your refugee hearing

You will only have 30 days to prepare for your refugee hearing, from the date your claim is sent to the IRB. The exact date of your hearing is on your “Notice to Appear.”

Day 30+: If your claim is denied

If you are from a designated country, you must apply for a judicial review of the decision by the Federal Court within 15 days. This is different from an appeal. Only a lawyer can assist you at the Federal Court.