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Country documents

What information should I include about my country?

You can submit documents such as newspaper artcles and human rights reports about your country that support your claim. These are due 10 days before your hearing. It can be difficult to know what country information and documents will support your claim. Get a lawyer or representative to review everything before they are submitted.

What is a National Documentation Package?

The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) has National Documentation Packages (NDPs) for each country. This is a collection of articles and reports on country conditions that will be automatically considered at your hearing. If a source is in this package, you don’t have to submit it again. The National Documentation Package does not cover every issue and there may be more recent information. Your lawyer or representative should submit updated information and any relevant information that is not included in the IRB’s package.

Where can I find country information?

Your lawyer or representative will be able to help with research on the conditions in your country. You can also have a look at the following resources: