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Will my case be over on my first appearance date?

It is possible for your case to be finished on your first appearance date. This depends on the legal advice you receive, and other factors, some of which may be beyond your control.

However, you should be prepared for the likely possibility that your case will not be over on your first court date.

You must remember that unless the Crown is withdrawing your charge(s) or you are going to plead guilty to your charge(s) on your first appearance date, the court will give you a new date to return to court. This is called an adjournment.

It is not unusual for a case to be adjourned on your first appearance date. This could be for many different reasons. A case may be adjourned at your request or the request of the Crown. Whether or not you or the Crown is asking for an adjournment may be very important in your case. This is why you should speak to your lawyer or duty counsel before telling the judge what you want to do.

If your matter is adjourned, the court will then give you a new court date and time for your next appearance. In most courthouses, you will be handed a reminder slip with your next court date on it.