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Will there be an information session held on my first appearance?

Some courthouses hold an information session before first appearance court starts. This session is to help you understand the court process and explain some of the legal options you may have. This information session is not meant to replace the legal advice that you can get by speaking to your lawyer or duty counsel.

There may also be people outside of the courtroom to help you on your first appearance date. They are usually staff from the Crown’s office. You should line up and let the staff know you have arrived by giving them your name. You may also be able to get disclosure before you go into the courtroom by doing this.

In some courthouses, you won’t be able to get your disclosure until your name is called and you are at the front of the courtroom.

In other courthouses, you may be asked to enter the courtroom before court starts and “check-in” by giving your name to a police officer or the Crown at the front of the courtroom.