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Criminal Law

Adult sentencing
Find information about penalties that an adult (18 yrs +) may face if they plead guilty or are found guilty of a criminal offence.
Are you Aboriginal?
If you are an Aboriginal person, it is important to identify yourself as a First Nations, Métis or Inuit person so duty counsel or your lawyer can follow the areas of law that deal with Aboriginal circumstances or rights.
Do you know someone who has been arrested and is going to bail court? Read about the bail process.
Being a surety
Have you been asked to go to court and bail someone out? Find out about being a surety.
Court orders and sentencing
Court orders are often part of a sentence and can have serious consequences. Read about possible court orders that a judge can impose.
Have you been charged with a minor criminal offence for the first time? This section gives you information about some of the different options you may have to finish your case.
Duty counsel
If you’re going to criminal court and you don’t have a lawyer, duty counsel may be able to help you.
First appearance
Never been to court before? Get important information about attending criminal court on your first court date.
Guilty pleas
Considering pleading guilty to a criminal charge? This section provides you with facts you should know before making that decision.
Peace bonds
Some cases can be resolved in criminal court through a peace bond. Learn about peace bonds and what else you should know before considering this type of resolution.
Types of sentences
Learn about the most common types of sentences that judges give to offenders.